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The family and friends of Steve Murphy got together to raise money for 2019’s Head for the Cure’s Des Moines 5k event on May 19. Together, we raised $8,189 for brain cancer clinical trials. Our team was recognized as the largest team and the top fundraising team in Des Moines! In addition, we had all three of the top individual fundraisers: Hannah Carr-Murphy, Molly Knapp, and Colleen Murphy Knapp. The amazing outpouring of support from our friends and family across the country has reminded us of the spirit of generosity Steve embodied, and it has shown us that we continue to be in people’s minds and hearts.

For 2019, we set the bar high, but Steve taught us never to shrink from a challenge. We set a goal for $5,000, and exceeded that by far. We were so honored to be a part of Head for the Cure, an organization that has raised over $10 million to fight brain cancer. Unfortunately, everyone who loved my dad Steve knows there is a lot left to do in the fight against brain cancer, but we have been humbled and encouraged by every single person who contributed this year!!

Thank you to our 2019
Team Members and Donors!!!

Ken & Jean Boss

Carolyn Brue

Donna “The Biddy” Carr *

Nate Castillo *

Pat Chase

Judy Ciesielski

Greg & Mary Lou Dahms

Steve & Patti Davis

Juanita Doughty

Megan, Mikey, & Ryan Eimers *

Jesse & Annie Foley

The Willis & Staci Fry Family *+

Willis F. & Bonnie Fry

Lori Garrison

Wesley Grandy *

Linda & Dave Greenwood *

Juli & Paul Halverson

Karen Jessen

Cole Kernan *

Samantha Klein & Nick Mills *

The Colleen & Chuck Knapp Family *

Molly Knapp*

Tom & Nancy Knapp

Anne & Paul Laux

Bob Manning

Annie, David & Charlie McQuitty*

Kathy Miller

Mark, Kim, Samantha & Jeremy Miller

John & Judy Mills

Jim Moody *

Nancy Moothart

Kathleen Murphy

Ryan & Alicia Murphy

Wanda K. Noteboom

The O’Connell Family

Mary Pat Oslund

Christina Pasdo

Clark & Sharon Porter

Paul & Mary Rajasekhar

The Sturch & Schmidtke Families

Judy Schneider

Sandy & Steve Seitz

Jacob Snyder *

John & Carolyn Tierney

Roy & Pam Trenkamp

Jan Weber

Kathryn Wohlpart

Lisa & Bob Brabbit

Paul & Joan Burns

Nancy Carr *

Donna & Jim Chapman

The Cierzans 

Hollli Counsell *

Ayva Darmento *

The Dinsmore/Kinkead Family

Trudy & Dennis Downes

Jackie Fober

The Kurt Frank Family

The Dennis & Stacie Fry Family *+

Reed & Katie Fry

Shelly Gill Murray

Dan & Suzy Greenwood *

Juanita Hall

Alexis Hill

Angie & Bob Johnson

Lonnie Kidder

Chuck & Pam Klima

Connor Knapp*

Jim Knapp

Levi Larsen *

Caryl Lumpp

Katie McGinley

Barbara & Susan Meyeraan

Jon & Liz Miller

The Cathy & Andy Mills Family *

Todd & Staci Mills

Judy Moody 

Noemi Munoz

Melinda Murphy

Timothy & Anne-Marie Murphy

Alex Nusser *

Brigitt & Scott OJ

Kaylene Marie Palica

Kelly Patnode

M & R Potter

Dan & Nancy Rigel

John & Chris Schneider

Kurt & Angie Seger

Jane & Kevin Shea

Dave & Margaret St. Claire 

Caroline & Alec Synakowski

Chris & Lisa Vosbeek

Tom Welsh

Jane, Kevin, Dan, Narmina, and Hannah!

+ denotes team shirt sponsor; * denotes team member